A Frayed Faith

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12 Oct

A Frayed Faith

Here’s the new book synopsis for Honest Wrestling.

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Sometimes trials attack us so extensively,

that the pain of our reality

contradicts even our core beliefs.

Our faith is frayed.



In Honest Wrestling, we’re given the rare opportunity to observe the depths of a family’s frayed faith, when they are forced to face the unthinkable. In a raw and real way, K. Howard Joslin takes an intentional risk, allowing us to venture into the intimate struggles of his faith in order to come along side and encourage us with ours.

As a seminary graduate, we would expect K. Howard Joslin to have correct answers to tough questions that arise when one’s faith is tested. Yet, in what seemed like a matter moments, his family was faced with job loss, three miscarriages, an unexpected heart attack, and the brutal diagnosis of a rare cancer, one that was both aggressive and incurable. Joslin finds himself in the match of his life as he wrestles with God about the authenticity of His goodness and the reliability of His promises, while grasping for hope when there is none. Writing with gut-wrenching authenticity and transparency during the heat of his battle, Joslin rejects easy answers raises questions that believers often secretly ask, but often find too dicey to reveal.

Honest Wrestling offers hope-filled perspective for those currently undergoing trials and insights for encouraging those who are suffering.

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K. Howard Joslin earned a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2006, having received the Merrill Unger Award in the Old Testament Studies. He currently serves as chairman of the board for Authenticity Book House, which he co-founded with his wife, Fran Geiger Joslin. Howard enjoys hiking in Colorado and resides with his family in Rowlett, Texas.

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