A New Year. A Blank Page. What will you write?

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16 Jan

A New Year. A Blank Page. What will you write?

I love the possibilities a new year brings.

Once the holidays come to a close, I look forward to putting away all the decorations and restoring order. My husband and I sweep away the few pine needles left behind by the Christmas tree. We safely store away the lights and decorations in the attic. Let the New Year begin!

Anticipation, renewed purpose, and optimism define the New Year for me. It feels like a blank page, waiting for stories, memories, and adventures to come. Every year, thanks to the excessive indulgence over the holidays, my new page includes eating healthy and exercising. This year I also want to integrate my passion for writing.

Writing tends to rest in the backseat during the holidays. Work deadlines, shopping, wrapping presents and family visits take priority. Each year I tell myself that I will get back to my routine in January. Even though several weeks of this New Year have already rushed by, I am only now thinking about pulling my writing back to the front.

As a little girl, I received my first pink diary with a lock and key. Of course a few weeks later, I lost the key and had to tape the lock shut so my sister would not read my shocking 7- year- old secrets. As I got older, I switched to spiral bound notebooks and got into the rhythm of writing every morning. Today I have dozens of these notebooks stashed in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.

As a blogger, most of my writing happens at the computer. But I keep buying journals. I’ve purchased pretty pocket-sized journals with gold polka dot covers and notebooks with inspiring quotes. I can count at least seven blank journals or notebooks sitting on my nightstand, writing desk, and stacked on the bookshelf. Last week I put blank journals in my Amazon shopping cart, convinced that a bullet journal would help me reach my writing goals and change my life. I imagined a more organized author-me. Why this focus on journals?

The appeal of the blank page draws me–like a new year. I imagine the promise of a fresh start and the anticipation of the stories about to rest on the pages

What will I fill those blank pages with this year?

I go back to the reason I started writing in the first place. I want to write down memories in my own handwriting before they fade away. I want to capture stories of our family vacations, our holiday traditions, and the funny things our kids say. I want to divulge the inside jokes in our marriage, the struggles I face as a working mom, the love I have for my husband. The blank pages will turn into filled pages holding the hopes and dreams of a writer.

This year I am going to write my story–the one only I can tell. The story that will live on after I am gone and possibly inspire my children or grandchildren. Now, I open one of those pretty journals, look at the blank page, and write.

What will fill your pages this year?

Guest Blogger Bio: Stephanie is a Dallas-based writer who enjoys sharing stories, travel tips, and fitness inspiration. She works full time as a Petroleum Engineer, but this is just a cover for her real job: Supermom.  Stephanie is also a foodie, musician’s wife, and world traveler who survives on coffee. You can find more of her writing on her blog,

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