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30 Jan

Pray, Write, Repeat

Bone dry and seeking a jump start in my writing life, I eagerly soaked up every word of one of my favorite creatives, Andi Ashworth, at a recent writers workshop. I walked away with her tried-and-true mantra: pray and write, pray and write, pray and write. When I took this seemingly obvious method home with me into my dusty writing space, the clarity and confidence which followed amazed me.

In earlier days, I had prayed broad prayers over various projects, and I believe the Lord honored them. But, I discovered something more intimate and invigorating when I invited the Lord into the actual, live writing process. Suddenly, a space I boxed Him out of became a space of worship—a collaboration with the Creator of all things. Instead of prayerlessly rejecting the very Life Source and Initiator of my creativity, I opened the door to Him and asked for help. And, I sensed His joy in my obedience.

So, why do we neglect to weave prayer into our writing? For me, a desire for control and autonomy certainly remains part of it. Perhaps we love to give ourselves over to the euphoric wave of inspiration, neglecting to acknowledge it as a sudden flow from the Lord. But, do we also vastly underestimate the Lord’s heart for creativity? Do we really believe He cares about what we’re writing enough to involve Himself in every tiny aspect?

The Bible begins with God creating His epic masterpiece. I love envisioning the Holy Trinity at work in the process—the Spirit hovering over the waters, eagerly awaiting the words, “Let there be…” You can sense the passion, the attention to detail, the immense power at work as light, water, and living beings form out of nothing. The fact that God breathed His very creative spirit into our nature as writers is quite stunning. He wants us to write! He wants us to image Him in this way and open ourselves entirely to His help and inspiration. “The Christian,” Francis Schaeffer says, “is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.”

So, what do you struggle with in your writing space? Dryness? Mediocrity? An overly critical spirit? Do you struggle to sit down and begin?


Are you having a wonderfully fluid writing season? Are you in search of the perfect adjective, deeper insight into a character’s development, or more clarity in your communication?


Good or bad, rejoicing or crying out, scripture urges us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Our gift of writing is not our own. Our creative space is not ours to block off from the Lord. So, let’s honor Him and worship Him by praying for every least thing as we write. Let’s surrender our projects to Him in humility and gratitude. When we commune with Him in this way, responding to His promptings, submitting ourselves to His leadership, and diving into the depths of His limitless creative nature, I believe that really, really great art will be made through us. What a way to magnify the Lord!

Fran Joslin

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