Are You Ready?

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13 Mar

Are You Ready?

Do you feel prepared to combat your next temptation? Do you meditate on God’s Word enough to know when a false prophet tries to entice you into believing something contrary to Scripture? Do you know the Word better than you know your favorite sports’ players or actors?

Scripture memory caught my attention as a small child because my Sunday School teachers gave me prizes. It caught my attention as a teenager because I could win trophies with my Bible quizzing team. Later, as a young adult studying ministry in college, I did it to cultivate my relationship with Christ. After that, I can’t say I memorized many verses. I read the Word often, but found no motivation to commit more to memory.

Until one day my world tumbled and I found myself standing on a weak foundation. In my book series, Surviving the Valley, I talk about a failed adoption process. I had placed all my faith into believing God chose me and my husband to parent two orphaned children. However, as time passed, I realized the adoption would not go through. After fourteen months of chasing paperwork, attending trainings, paying outrageous fees, attending numerous appointments, and building a relationship with the children, we came up with nothing. All my quiet times, devotionals, and Bible studies didn’t prepare me to get back up on my feet. I didn’t even know how to pray through it.

My faith felt limitless one minute and nonexistent the next.

Then my pastor recommended one thing I practice to this day—praying God’s Word. Before I knew it, I had a ring full of note cards with Scriptures. I prayed those verses on a daily basis, and soon my feet started to feel like they had something firm to stand on.

About a year later, I gained enough strength to lead other women in their pursuit of Christ. I stumbled upon a Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild called Walking by Faith. Jennifer Rothschild lost her sight gradually as a teenager until she found herself legally blind, trapped in a world of physical darkness. She couldn’t just pick up her Bible or a ring of note cards with uplifting Scriptures. She could only rely on the truths she memorized.

I may still have my sight, but how foolish to not use it to review and rehearse Scripture on a daily basis so that it’s right there in my heart and mind! That study changed me. I carry Scripture on rings of cards and in notebooks, write them on little notes to stick on the wall, and I commune with other women in this pursuit. When trials and temptations come, I have specific verses ready to pray and use as a weapon against Satan.

I don’t know what’s coming my way next, but I do know I’m more armed and ready now than before. Are you?

Rachelle D. Alspaugh

Rachelle D. Alspaugh writes both poetry and prose. Her heart beats for missions, travel, and leading women's Bible studies. To discover more of her work, please visit her website at

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