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27 Mar

Blazing a New Path for International Publishing

Authenticity Book House approaches its fourth year in the publishing world with great excitement. Recent strategy sessions, bathed in prayer, bring ABH to a tighter purpose–firmly aligning its publishing and ministry visions.

Through ABH’s initial years, God opened several ministry doors including collaboration with e3 Partners’ Tanzanian field leader, Yusuph Emmanuel. Through these doors ABH became aware of the unique needs of many East African pastors:

  • A need for training: Often pastors become believers one day and begin shepherding others the next, with little to no preparation or access to pastoral training.
  • A need for simplified instruction: Many pastors face basic educational limitations, creating a need for tailored biblical instruction.
  • A need for measured training: New pastors thirst for bite-sized theological truths, expressed in their heart language, to launch them into growth.
  • A need for cultural sensitivity: Cultural considerations, when informing content topics and delivery, help create higher levels of relevancy.

These observations, coupled with specialized guidance from two gifted Dallas businessmen, led ABH to narrow its focus to create simplified pastoral training in bite-sized books, taking into consideration educational levels and cultural issues to increase relevancy. ABH is blazing this path by fostering relationships with East African nationals and ongoing collaboration with Yusuph. ABH continues staff participation in “book drops” (distribution) and this year adds training sessions for Tanzanian pastors and their wives. Bite-sized books stay behind for ongoing growth of East African recipients.

English versions of our bite-sized books will become available on while publication of full sized books will cease after release of our last contracted book in December 2017.

We invite you to continue this journey with ABH. Study our refined mission on our website. Stay abreast of our travels and book drops through our News Bites, updated regularly on the ABH home page. Become a partner through prayer, donations, or volunteered time.

Check out our new Swahili web page, designed to inform readers of the great needs in East African countries. Become familiar with bites of the Swahili language and East African culture.

We at ABH deeply value our current partners in ministry. Please continue to help us serve new pastors who serve our Lord in East Africa. Help us leave resources that can change lives even when we—and other travelers to these countries—must leave.

Welcome to the new ABH mission!

Fran Geiger Joslin

Fran Geiger Joslin’s life shattered when her husband lost his battle with brain cancer. Today she offers hope to the grieving, especially to widows. Fran possesses a special love for missions and mentoring young women. Currently she serves as president of Authenticity Book House, a non-profit publishing ministry that produces simplified pastoral training in bite-sized books.

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