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24 May

Why We Go to Tanzania

Authenticity Book House started with the foundational idea of publishing as ministry. While developing the organization over time, the Lord brought us a ministry connection in Tanzania which provided an opportunity to bless the pastors of that country. ABH produced its first bite-sized books in Swahili and carried out an inaugural book drop to Tanzania a short time later.

As we continued to grow, seeking to discern what the Lord would have us do, we refined our mission. ABH narrowed its focus to publish simplified pastoral training in bite-sized books.

The Lord confirmed this mission last year during our second book drop on Kome Island. ABH staff and authors spoke with pastors, their wives, church leaders, new believers and widows, clearly observing their need for God’s truth, as well as their hunger for resources. As we handed out books, we saw publishing and ministry can—and should—intermingle.

When the team returned to the U.S., conversation buzzed around the ABH office and quickly turned to how we could best serve people we met. Prayer for the creation of a curriculum committee came to fruition, we began hosting quarterly prayer meetings, and launched a Christmas campaign to raise funds specifically for printing books.

Our work load grew, but our mission stayed the same. We work with people, not just products, in mind. Our words come together for a greater purpose than just a book. We want to produce more disciples of Jesus Christ.

As our staff and volunteers labor we remember the faces of the pastors we serve. Their faces and stories keep us going.  Emails, writings, editing, meetings, and mailings come to life because we know our audience.

To continue serving and working effectively we need continued interaction with our Tanzanian friends. We visit Tanzania, sitting down with these church leaders, to hear what they’ve learned and what they need. We eat meals with them to engage with their culture and their struggles.

We go to Tanzania because relationships with East African pastors teach us how to serve East African pastors.

Every time we go our understanding of their needs grows.

Every time we go our understanding of the Swahili language grows.

Every time we go the ministry vision God gave us shines brighter, leading us into a new year of publishing as ministry.

Once we return, we utilize what we learn to create even more simplified pastoral training in bite-sized books. The momentum and excitement grow every time we go, and we cannot wait to go again!


Fran Joslin

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