Everything You Need to Know about the July Event

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Everything You Need To Know About the July Event
22 Aug

Everything You Need to Know about the July Event

We had no choice—we decided to put on an event. Post-Tanzania work, summer travel, and two staff members moving made for a busy July, but we felt compelled to connect with our supporters in a new way. Bursting with excitement concerning what the Lord did in Tanzania and what we feel he calls us to do all year, we wanted to share. We wanted to expand our village.

We came together as a team to prepare, taking clues from our work in Tanzania. There we had traveled around the village of Buhama with church leaders who knew the landscape of the villages and who led us to the homes of those who did not know Jesus. This team approach made our ministry more effective—we want to mirror this all year round.

We already work with a powerful team of prayer partners, financial supporters, committee members, and volunteers, but we know we can do more with a larger village. So we prepared.

The event took shape and on July 19 ABH staff Howard, Fran, and Dianne, along with curriculum committee member/author Jeff, guided attendees through the joys and challenges of our ministry in Tanzania and state-side. Through pictures, graphs, and stories our ministry came to life.

Fran shared the story of how the Lord clearly directed ABH toward Tanzania through our connection with ministry partner, Yusuph. Howard shared the deep hunger for learning evident at the pastors’ conference on Kome Island. Dianne brought our whole calendar year to life through her chart of the birth of a book and the ABH cycle of events. Jeff tied it together, talking of his experiences with East African pastors and the need he sees for ABH’s resources.

Each presentation gave a snapshot of our need to expand our village. From my perspective, taking pictures in the back, I saw attendees engaging, soaking in the words so carefully put together.

We saw the response most clearly during Q&A. Through questions about the culture, our books, and other ministry opportunities we could tell the village which gathered that night caught the vision.

Some joined our village for the first time, coming without much prior knowledge of ABH. Other long-time village members continued to give. Some joined our village through prayer partnership.

As a special bonus, the event marked the first time we made our English bite-sized books available. We all smiled as people picked them up for the first time and began reading on the spot.

As our village continues to grow, we look to even more! Our books, our trips, our ministry only remain possible through the work of our supporters. We love and give thanks for each of you!

Want to learn more? Want to join our village? Email We look forward to welcoming you.

Fran Joslin

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