Our Staff


Co-founder and President

Co-founder and ABH president Fran Geiger Joslin enjoys writing and mentoring women, especially widows. Her book, Widowed: When Death Sucks the Life out of You, offers hope to the widowed while chronicling her journey through grief after the death of her husband, Brian Geiger. In 2010, Fran married widower Howard Joslin, and together they survived blending families with 5 teenagers, plus two additional adult children.


Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Co-founder and chairman of the board, Howard Joslin thrives on big ideas and houses the brains behind much of ABH’s vision. After a frustrating experience publishing his book, Honest Wrestling, Howard began seeking the Lord for a way to turn publishing into ministry. Together Howard and his wife Fran (ABH’s president) started Authenticity Book House in 2014. When Howard can pull himself away from either his consulting job or suffering from what we like to call “ABHD,” he hangs out with his family.


Editor in Chief

Dianne Taylor received her job, in part, because she “just loves words.” Dianne, also a licensed professional counselor, writes for children and teens. Her experience in writing and publishing, along with her organizational abilities and desire to work within ABH’s vision, brings a special touch to her editing style. As an avid speed reader, Dianne devours numerous books and can read an entire novel while browsing a bookstore.


Digital Content Coordinator

Growing up as a missionary kid in South Africa, our digital content coordinator, Jess Gregory, brings African flavor to the ABH office. Since moving to the USA over ten years ago, Jess has cultivated a love for telling stories. She enjoys learning how God chooses to use his people in local environments and around the world. Jess loves to visit new places, spend time with friends at coffee shops, cook, and eat delicious food.