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Guidelines for Writers

 Thank you for your interest in Authenticity Book House (ABH). ABH accepts solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. Please read and follow the guidelines below to ensure your work parallels the goals and mission of ABH.

ABH Mission

What we do: publish simplified training materials for church leaders in bite-sized format (4” x 6”). We offer our material for translation to ministry partners around the world.

 Our goal: to fill church libraries with educational books. These books include theological truths, training resources, and encouragement for daily living. We envision offering these resources in multiple languages and cultural settings.

Our niche: writing at a middle school reading level.

Our target audience: rural church leaders and congregants with limited educational access.

Inquiry ProcessPlease submit the following to

    1. Query letter:
    1. Book proposal:
    1. Author page:
      • One paragraph sharing your personal relationship with Christ.
      • A brief summary of your writing background.
      • A brief summary of your ministry experience.

Evaluation of Initial Submission:

    • Each submission undergoes an evaluation for publication and a brief critique. If ABH does not accept your manuscript, the critique comes back to you with your manuscript.
    • If ABH has an interest in your manuscript, notification will arrive electronically along with instructions on how to proceed.
    • All authors should hear from ABH within three months of submission, whether or not a manuscript is accepted for publication.

Needed Manuscript Topics:

    1. A Biblical view of church leadership.
    2. The life of a pastor’s wife.
    3. Defending the Christian faith.
    4. The overarching story of the Bible.
    5. Synopses of books of the Bible.
    6. How to prepare and preach a sermon.
    7. Establishing ministries within the church.
    8. Daily living topics.