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We’re Gonna Make it, Babe! book cover
We’re Gonna Make it, Babe!

Have you ever experienced loss so heart-rending it threw you into great darkness, making you question if you’d ever see light again? Did you wonder if you could connect with anyone who might remotely understand your pain? Fran Geiger Joslin walked this path and the very...

Why We Go to Tanzania poster
Why We Go to Tanzania

Authenticity Book House started with the foundational idea of publishing as ministry. While developing the organization over time, the Lord brought us a ministry connection in Tanzania which provided an opportunity to bless the pastors of that country. ABH produced its first bite-sized books in...

Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again!

Visiting a village in Kome Island, and one home in particular, inspired a fourth bite-sized book to go alongside the three I wrote for last year’s trip to Tanzania. When God and Culture Clash explores what God intends to happen when the light of the...

Hugs all Around
Hugs all Around

Anxiety and excitement run side by side, at times colliding, as I anticipate my return to Tanzania. Anxiety hits as I think of all I need to accomplish between now and when I board the plane May 30. Will our books leave the printer’s hands...

Unexpected Tears
Beauty From Unexpected Tears

  Author Rachelle Alspaugh agonized over the decision to republish her first book, a story about living through a failed adoption. When they found out the two Colombian children who already lived in their hearts would never move into their Texas home, they grieved hard. “The adoption just...

A Frayed Faith

Here's the new book synopsis for Honest Wrestling. I would love to hear your responses. ___________________________________ Sometimes trials attack us so extensively, that the pain of our reality contradicts even our core beliefs. Our faith is frayed.     In Honest Wrestling, we're given the rare opportunity to observe the depths of a...