Let’s Reach Africa, one gift at a time.

Let's Reach Africa, one gift at a time.

Reach Africa
One Gift at a Time

Meet Wilson, a Maisome Island pastor. After attending a two-day marriage conference, Wilson approached ABH president, Fran, to express his gratitude. Humbled, Fran inquired about his biggest take-away. “Ask, don’t force,” Wilson replied, demonstrating a newly acquired understanding of how to better love his wife. Wilson walked away, new books in hand, more equipped to live a Christ-like life at home, in ministry, and in outreach.

Later we learned Wilson and others who attended the conference initiated contact with nearby smaller islands to share the gospel. ABH books followed, reinforcing truth and growth among new believers. Imagine 100 additional books, impacting ministry in many more congregations, communities, and beyond. Let’s take biblical training far past our ability to travel, as God continues to grow his kingdom. Let’s reach Africa one gift at a time!

Whom would you like to reach?