Current Openings:

Administrative Assistant 

15-20 Hours Per Week

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Manage account
  • CRM—maintenance of donor data base and record of donations
  • Run errands as needed (post office, bank, office supply store)
  • Maintain organization of files (hard copies and digital)
  • Update annual calendar as events materialize
  • Answer phone and check for messages—take action as needed
  • Keep book inventory list current
  • Keep office supply closet organized and stocked
  • Update protocol notebooks as needed
    • CRM
    • Employee Handbook
    • General Office Procedures
    • Publishing Procedures

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Create meeting agendas
  • Set up meetings via email
  • Track and calculate author royalties, entering numbers in spreadsheet
  • Check author email accounts and take action as necessary
  • Organize notes and supplies for speaking engagements of the president
  • Coordinate birthday card list, card signing, and card mailing
  • Create correspondence to volunteers as needed
  • Summarize meeting notes and distribute
  • Take photos for president’s speaking engagements
  • Take photos for “ABH Today” portion of social media

Quarterly Responsibilities:

  • Calculate and create royalty checks and mail
  • Set up and create emails for quarterly prayer meetings

Annual Responsibilities:

  • Create end-of-year tax documents for donors (CRM)
  • Create general CRM end-of-year reports as needed or requested

Miscellaneous Responsibilities:

  • Procure supplies for mailings
  • Help assemble mailings (group effort)
  • Research various topics as needed such as copyright procedures
  • Complete assignments given by editor or president of ABH (jobs from the president take precedence over other responsibilities)
  • Help with projects/tasks from Social Media Associate when applicable
  • Stay up-to-date on CRM trainings as they apply, attending webinars when helpful

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