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Authenticity Book House publishes simplified pastoral training materials. ABH produces bite-sized books, capturing theological truths in easily understood language, for Swahili-speaking believers with limited educational access.

What We Do


Becoming a believer in Jesus Christ changes everything. Suddenly the Holy Spirit creates an awareness of sin, the realization of a need for rescue, and the relief of getting swept into forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus. To top it off, we enter an eternal relationship with our Creator God.
What a story. What an overwhelming shift in life for any new child of God. Now imagine this shift in a land where knowledge of God scarcely exists. Where witch doctors reside in every village, their practices a familiar part of the daily landscape. How would you understand such a radical change in your heart? What would it mean in your everyday life?
Yusuph Emmanuel, a Tanzanian native, tackles these questions in his bite-sized book, Kuirudia Misingi (Back to the Basics). His book provides a road map for pastors and new believers, showing the way to walk on this unfamiliar path.
In Kuirudia Misingi, Yusuph explains what it means to join a new family, or clan—God’s family. He discusses the permanence of a believer’s place in this clan through a biblical understanding of the guarantee of salvation. He introduces the Bible as the true manual for living, explaining realities of the spiritual world and the exercise of prayer, as seen through God’s words.
In a land where biblical spiritual maps represent a rare commodity, this book brings clarity. It explains critical information about the application of God’s word to daily life and the importance of learning, memorizing, and meditating on the Word. Published in 2017, Kuirudia Misingi quickly became a staple in our library for pastors and new believers. It currently circulates in many parts of Tanzania and in Kenya. Pray that God would allow this book to travel even further, reaching other new Swahili-speaking believers throughout East Africa!


The Village Connection

“It takes a village to reach a village!” This statement, coined by our digital content coordinator, Jess Gregory, comes to life as ABH staff members and authors plant their feet on Tanzanian soil once again.

Now is the time of connection, the time when our sending “village” touches villages on Kome Island, and later the village of widows in the city of Mwanza. ABH co-founders and authors, Howard and Fran Joslin, join staff member Jess Gregory and author Tom Golding on this 2018 trip, the apex of our ABH ministry year.

Let’s look back. Excitement reigned as we watched you, our local village, participate in giving and praying through our 2017 Christmas campaign. Donations for printing and production costs arrived in a snow shower of envelopes, encouraging us as we worked our way through new manuscripts.

Our office villagers worked tirelessly. When God and Culture Clash and a bite-sized version (with additions) of Widowed: When Death Sucks the Life out of You turned from raw manuscripts to published materials with the help of our volunteer villagers. These nuggets of truth now make up pounds of luggage traveling to Tanzania.

Throughout the winter and spring our sending village continued giving and praying as travel funds poured in. Plane tickets became possible and preparations heightened for a second pastors’ conference on Kome Island, as well as a second widows’ conference in Mwanza.

And here we now stand. Prayer villagers reinforce our ABH travelers who lead Kome Island pastors, wives, and church leaders through the book of Ephesians. The goals?

  1. To quicken hearts to beat for Christ alone in a world where culture desires to stamp him out.
  2. To train pastors, their wives, and lay leaders to teach scripture.

Jess moves quietly in the background, gathering photographs and stories of God’s work through ABH bite-sized books. In this way, a greater understanding and connection with receiving villages will return home to us, helping us prepare further resources!

Village to village evangelism and discipleship flows for a week as our group joins with e3 Partners, working alongside and continuing training with local pastors.

A special ending follows as Howard and Fran lead the widows’ conference in Mwanza. Fran, author of Widowed: When Death Sucks the Life out of You, and her book translator, Colleta, pass out this bite-sized resource side by side. We pray God will comfort and encourage the widows: hurting men and women, often forgotten in their cultural setting.

It’s all happening now (May 30-June 16). Can you sense the anticipation? One village touching another? Hands joining from here to there as books leave boxes and enter the hearts God prepared? Don’t you look forward to the day when all villages join to worship our Lord in heaven? Let’s continue on.

It takes a village to reach a village—one gift, one prayer, one book at a time!


Dianne Taylor
ABH Editor in Chief

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