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Authenticity Book House publishes simplified pastoral training materials on a third- to fifth-grade reading level. ABH produces bite-sized books, capturing theological truths in easily understood language, for Swahili-speaking believers with limited educational access.

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Healing from sexual abuse is a difficult path in any circumstance. Imagine living as a victim, yet not understanding the definition of sexual abuse. Many women on the islands of Tanzania experience this reality. Yusuph, church planter with e3 Partners and coordinator of ABH book drops, relays a sobering encounter on a 2017 trip to Kome Island.
Asha, a young woman residing in an area of the island inhabited by fishermen and sex workers, openly spoke with members of a short-term missions team. The conversation led to a poignant question, “Are you and other girls ever raped?” Her reply carried no emotion. “Of course, every day several men would come and force themselves on us. Is that what you mean by rape?”
Mary DeMuth hits this traumatic scenario with hope in her bite-sized book Sina Dosari (Not Marked). Mary illuminates the path from a shame-filled life to a joy-filled life, sharing how God’s healing can take away the mark of sexual abuse. Not only does she help victims like Asha define their experience, she helps lead them to God and an enduring peace found only through him.
Asha prayed to accept Jesus and his forgiveness on the day she met the American missions team and now walks a new journey. Please pray for others like her, who still need a new path. Pray that pastors and church leaders find this resource helpful in leading victims to truth and healing, allowing the wounded to join Asha in new freedom.


At ABH, we get excited about changing lives through books—even one life (or book) at a time. With joyful anticipation, we introduce to you our first annual ABH Christmas Catalog. This catalog’s unique design shows how gifts, both large and small, can help God’s truth sweep through the hearts of Swahili-speaking East Africans through ABH bite-sized books.

Did you know a five-dollar gift translates to the printing of five books, which can represent the start of a library for a rural East African pastor? Or that a gift of $100 can bring spiritual truth, in Swahili, to congregants and new believers filling an entire church?

Take a peek at our special ABH Christmas Catalog webpage and see other ways your gifts reach deep into Africa to inspire belief, growth, and outreach. Delve into the gripping story of Wilson, a pastor from Maisome Island, who found his own heart challenged during last year’s book drop. Read how this challenge and subsequent heart change took Wilson into the realm of outreach to other islands!

Your partnership with ABH makes a difference at every level. One dollar supports one book for a needy Swahili-speaking pastor or congregant, branding every gift a life-changer. Come join the team this Christmas by changing just one life—or five lives—or even 2,500 lives! Let’s reach Africa together, one gift at a time.

Heri ya Krismasi! Merry Christmas!

Fran Geiger Joslin,
ABH President

INTRODUCING THE ABH APP Mobile AppAuthenticity Book House puts a new spin on Christian publishing.

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