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Authenticity Book House publishes simplified pastoral training materials. ABH produces bite-sized books, capturing theological truths in easily understood language, for Swahili-speaking believers with limited educational access.

What We Do


Becoming a believer in Jesus Christ changes everything. Suddenly the Holy Spirit creates an awareness of sin, the realization of a need for rescue, and the relief of getting swept into forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus. To top it off, we enter an eternal relationship with our Creator God.
What a story. What an overwhelming shift in life for any new child of God. Now imagine this shift in a land where knowledge of God scarcely exists. Where witch doctors reside in every village, their practices a familiar part of the daily landscape. How would you understand such a radical change in your heart? What would it mean in your everyday life?
Yusuph Emmanuel, a Tanzanian native, tackles these questions in his bite-sized book, Kuirudia Misingi (Back to the Basics). His book provides a road map for pastors and new believers, showing the way to walk on this unfamiliar path.
In Kuirudia Misingi, Yusuph explains what it means to join a new family, or clan—God’s family. He discusses the permanence of a believer’s place in this clan through a biblical understanding of the guarantee of salvation. He introduces the Bible as the true manual for living, explaining realities of the spiritual world and the exercise of prayer, as seen through God’s words.
In a land where biblical spiritual maps represent a rare commodity, this book brings clarity. It explains critical information about the application of God’s word to daily life and the importance of learning, memorizing, and meditating on the Word. Published in 2017, Kuirudia Misingi quickly became a staple in our library for pastors and new believers. It currently circulates in many parts of Tanzania and in Kenya. Pray that God would allow this book to travel even further, reaching other new Swahili-speaking believers throughout East Africa!


Dropping Down and Gearing Up

Spring peaks through winter in subtle ways. Whether it’s the beginning of mud season up north or the advent of bluebonnets and paintbrushes here in Texas, change comes. Time to drop winter behind and gear up for a coming season of growth leading into summer, which many consider the heart of the year.

For ABH the heart of the year comes as plane wheels leave the earth and the rounded metal nose powerfully cuts the air toward Tanzania and our annual book drop. Although that time in June quickly approaches, the real work has already begun. Just as summer requires a season of preparation, so our trip takes a season of dropping down and gearing up.

What does that mean? Although the bulk of our work includes seeing new manuscripts come to life, dropping down and gearing up represents something much more daring and even more essential than the gathering of books.

As believers we all face an enemy, Satan. We learn early in our faith about the armor of God, intended to provide us a way to stand firm against him. Sometimes our enemy seems to run on high alert, seeking to destroy God’s people and God’s plans before the wheels of the plane even leave the tarmac. Examples abound. How do we respond? We drop down—not to cower and hide, but to pray. We gear up, putting on our spiritual armor. Paul exhorts believers in Ephesians 6:18 saying: “With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints…” (NAS).

As the countdown to the heart of our year continues, knees become calloused. As flowers rise up, our heads bow down, often in a position of fasting, to plead for those on the other side of the world.

With knees and hearts down, our souls gear up to fly across the sea, standing firm for the truth of our sovereign king. He leads these trips and plans the path of his word as it goes forth by mouth and in books.

As everything around us springs to life, drop down with us to pray and then gear up for battle. Your prayers add strength and reinforcement as wheels drop beneath the plane and skid to the ground. The team steps to the tarmac, this time in Africa, where pastors, wives, widows, and lost souls await the arrival of good news.

Dianne Taylor
ABH Editor in Chief

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