Simplified pastoral training
in bite-sized books


Authenticity Book House (ABH) publishes simplified training materials for church leaders in bite-sized format (4″ x 6″). We offer our material for translation to ministry partners around the world.

Our goal: to fill church libraries with educational books.

These books include theological truths, training resources, and encouragement for daily living. We envision offering these resources in multiple languages and cultural settings.

Our niche: writing at a middle school reading level.

Our target audience: rural church leaders and congregants with

limited educational access.

Current Languages Available: English, Swahili, Spanish, Creole

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The history of Israel in the Old Testament makes for depressing reading. Rather than filling their land with the image of God, the Israelites piled up material wealth and invested in military might (Isaiah 2:7). Even worse, they worshipped idols, engaged in violence, and participated in adulterous relationships. Just as God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, God kicked the Israelites out of their Promised Land. Every generation acted the same, failing to fill God’s creation with his image—until Jesus arrived as the Second Adam.


Like no other man, Jesus looked like God! Those who saw Jesus saw God. And not only that, they saw a perfect demonstration of what God intended for every human being who ever lived.


Discipleship, the process of being drawn to Christ until we think, act, and love as he did, is God’s will for your life in its most basic form! But how do we begin this journey of following Christ? What will we encounter on the way? And how do we help others follow Christ along with us?


Look for Discipleship: Following Jesus coming soon in English and Swahili.


Okay, Lord, Really?

Ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, made a profound observation: “The only constant in life is change.” The older I get, the more that statement rings true in my life.

For the believer—and those of us in ministry—if we can’t see change as from the Lord, we might just go crazy!

Announcing yet another change for Authenticity Book House. In 2019 the Lord directed us to join up with Twelve21 Global and become the publishing arm of that ministry. In 2021 the Lord directed again, this time to restart ABH as our own entity. My response: “Okay, Lord, really?”

God’s ways are not my ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts (Isaiah 55:8), that is clear. I do know that means I must obey.

So, here we go again. ABH is up and running once again with a renewed excitement and energy. We welcome you to join us on this adventure.


Fran Geiger Joslin
ABH President

May, 2021

INTRODUCING THE ABH APP Mobile AppAuthenticity Book House puts a new spin on Christian publishing.

Now you can take our books wherever you go! We’re the first Christian publisher to leverage an app, which allows our global reach to expand.

This new app:

  • Sets our authors apart, offering another platform for their message.
  • Allows worldwide access for readers.
  • Translates books at the touch of button.
  • Puts resources into more hands.
  • Download the free app today.
  • Free resources for all outside the U.S. between June 15-30.
  • Make sure to check it often for free books!

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